Tree house People

In lowland of Papua there is found small group of people called “tree house people or Korowai tribe” The well known semi nomadic people who are leaving in the trees. Scientist classified among 280 tribes in Papua and Korowai is one tribe leaving in very remote area. The different way of life between Highland people and Lowland people  with highland people where they are most experienced in farming and more accessible by outsider, but naturally Korowai people looked wild / primitive and no experience, their life are fully depend on environment, there kind of food available for them. Men and woman going into the jungle every morning collecting sago grub-a kind of palm trees, and local vegetable, hunting wild animals such pig, kasowari  birds, parrots, cockatoo, etc and also fishing in the river for sustaining their daily diet.

Visiting inter clan must take 4-5 hours, where the area are completely swamp and humid in average. Culturally the Korowai people are leaving in society, they always help to each other inter clan by providing some food, such sago and helping them to build house. A long house called “befak” must be built in cooperative when ever one clan find a new village and invite them to make a special ceremony of  “Sago feast” to collect food and sago worms-getting from larva processing. Normally 3-4 month  before the ceremony.