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If you are interested in trekking, hiking, Papuan culture, tourism in Papua, tribal cultures, or jungle experience tours and expeditions, or finance for educate middle highland people in Yali tribe talk to us! We are a group of local tour guides in central Papua with extensive experience and knowledge about trekking in the Baliem Valley Dani tribe,  Asmat  to Korowai, lake Habema, lake Paniai, the Sentani lake region also the coastal area tribes.

For more about our tour packages,  we love Papua – our home, our Paradise. We would like to share with you our culture and show you the daily life of the people in harmony with the wonderful Papuan nature. We offer tailor made treks to various tribes in the region and guarantee a life long memory and unique experiences. If you are interested in a short trip and introduction to the Baliem Valley culture or in a multi-day-trekking far out to the valley and the more remote villages, we can serve what you need is guaranteed. Here we guarantee that the detailed itineraries and prices are also prepared upon your request. Additionally, if you want to book your tour and reservation, just click contact us.


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