Baliem valley is officially called Jayawijaya adopted from the name of the district. Hidden away from the central mountain ranges of Irian Jaya a mile above coastal jungles. The Baliem river flows through abroad temperate plain. The valley floor is inhabited by Dani tribesmen which men wear the so called “Horim” (koteka) a penis gourd. They also usually decorate especially in a certain Event, their head with beautiful parrot feathers and the nose with pig tooth. They key to the valley’s high population. Wamena is the central of Baliem valley and the capital for the district where you can see the Old smoked Mummy in this valley.

Dani woman wear grass skirt and beautiful, sometimes colored string bark. They mostly live in primitive way of life, farming by growing sweet potato, vegetables such as carrot potato, potato’s leaf, garlic, beans, cauliflower and breeding pig., they only consume sweet potato and vegetables which they cook in tradition by using steamed stones put in to a holed ground for daily diets, while bred pigs are only killed and cooked for certain event and sale. This is why Dani people is called “Stone age people”  From the earlier the Dani have been very skillful in farming by building simple irrigation but today some of them have been controlled by local government to train them for gaining  more experience.