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Since its establishment in 2008, Grand Papua Paradise is a branch of ” Papua Exotic tours and travel, Ltd. ” which officially operates all over Papua inland and its head office in Jayapura-the capital province,  had much proved its success in running tourism business and draw alot of people to Papua to see exotic culture and native people. Until today we always effort to provide the best services to our clients as our priority. Adventure. Hiking, Expedition, Japanese Memorial tour, Marine Excursion such snorkeling, fishing, diving, birding tour  are our most character.

Exploring Jaly, Dani and Lani tibes with the most famous of the stone age culture in the highland.  Exploring  Korowai and Kombai to see nomadic people which is so called Tree house people in lowland. Accomplish with the journey through Citak-mitak, mappi and Asmat tribes – the well known with wood carvings.  Tour to Raja Ampat in Sorong with its famous of underwater biodiversity, and birding tour to Biak-Yapen and Raja Ampat.