About Papua

Papua is the western half of the island New Guinea, the most eastern province of Indonesia. Together with the eastern half, called Papua New Guinea. New Guinea is the largest and highest tropical island of the world. The Northern part of the island is separated from the South part by a massive chain of mountains known as Pegunungan. Puncak Jaya is the highest peak at 5000m and is Indonesia’s tallest snow-capped mountain. Papua has a large variety of eco-systems including the richest coral reefs in the world. Its coastal system contain some of the most pristine and largest terrace of mangroves in the world. From the lowland swamps to the highland mountains, one will encounter massive areas of undisturbed tropical rain forest.

Papua is thinly populated. There are more less 3 million people living in Papua. One and half million Indonesian immigrants from other Indonesian islands inhabit mostly the coastal regions and  the rest is the  original native Papuan inhabit mostly the inland of Papua from the high peaks through the forest into the lowland swamps and mangroves of Papua. There are over 367 tribes with each of the tribes possessing their own unique cultures, languages, and primitive survival techniques for each remote area.

Traveling through Papua can be difficult, expensive,  but is extremely rewarding. The wildlife is truly remarkable many endemic species of plants, birds, and mammals, making Papua unlike any other places in earth. The hospitality and friendship of the local people will guide the travelers and help create an experience which will be remembered for a life time. Almost every traveler who visits Papua desires to return again, so strong is the attraction of one of the most remote places of the world.