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Grand Papua Paradise

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Since its establishment in 2008, Grand Papua Paradise is a branch of ” Papua Exotic tours and travel, Ltd. ” which officially operates all over Papua inland and its head office in Jayapura-the capital province,  had much proved its success in running tourism business and draw alot of people to Papua to see exotic culture and native people. Until today we always effort to provide the best services to our clients as our priority. Adventure. Hiking, Expedition, Japanese Memorial tour, Marine Excursion such snorkeling, fishing, diving, birding tour  are our most character.

Exploring Jaly, Dani and Lani tibes with the most famous of the stone age culture in the highland.  Exploring  Korowai and Kombai to see nomadic people which is so called Tree house people in lowland. Accomplish with the journey through Citak-mitak, mappi and Asmat tribes – the well known with wood carvings.  Tour to Raja Ampat in Sorong with its famous of underwater biodiversity, and birding tour to Biak-Yapen and Raja Ampat.

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    We offer variaty of tour activities all over Papua; Trekking & hiking, cultural & festival, historical & heritage sites, diving & snorkeling, birds watching and many more that should be explored in Papua

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    We are prioritizing a safety & secure travel from the begening untill the end of the trip. Police travel permit is covered in for all over Papua

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    We create tours by adhere to the highest standard of responsible tourism by partnering with local communities in order to respect and sustain local lifestyles while delivering unlimitted authentic travel experiences to our clients

Travel down under for extreme adventures, Explore now !

Our extensive knowledge of this fascinating and exotic wilderness grew from a passion for navigating unexplored territory and negotiating contact with remote tribes. Our investment in this mysterious land is not limited to our knowledge of the terrain and the logistics of negotiating it. We are invested in relationships with the people of Papua that have been so generous with their hospitality toward us; welcoming us again and again into their secluded world

Papua is known as the “land of the unexpected”

Because Papua is truly a unique locale, full of pristine rain-forests and home to the most ethnologically primitive people on earth. We offer distinct tours you won’t find with any other tour companies; to take you where few, if any, have gone before. Our organization allows us to limit unexpected expenses and keep you informed and prepared for the trip before arrival and during your journey.

Travelers come to Papua seeking a once in a lifetime adventure. Some are looking for something they know they won’t find anywhere else in the world. Many will have the adventure of a lifetime. A lot will depend on who you allow to show you around this mysteriously primitive land. Let Papua Adventures help you get the very most out of your trip.

Explore Papua With Us

This is the chance of a lifetime to make history along with us, as we become the first people to cross the island of Papua from Merauke in the eastern most ends to Sorong on the tip of the most western part of Papua. As far as we know it’s never been done before, and we hope to have some special guests joining us.

How to get to Papua?

Many domestic carriers have regular flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Denpasar and Manado. Chartered air transport to the interior is available (light passenger aircrafts or helicopter). Papua is linked by sea through the seaports of coastal regencies. Travel by inland is possible by private or chartered vehicles.

Papua People

Most of the local communities in Papua, especially those living in remote rural, can not speak Indonesian. However, it does not prevent them to interact with visitors. They were always friendly and warm welcome every visitor who comes. Friendlines and warmth has been a tradition of the Papuan people. They used to always say hello whenever he saw or ran into each other. One habit is unique in its interaction is Kumbe tradition. Kumbe tradition is a form of greeting among fellow with greet and unique shake hands by folding the index finger and linking the middle finger, then pulled up to a noise. Traditions were still conducted largely kumbe mountain communities in Papua. Experience the friendliness of local communities every time you visit to Papua. Friendliness and warmth that radiates from within themselves like beauty radiance of pearls.